I’ve had the good fortune to work with and learn from a number of very smart, talented people. I appreciate the nice things that these nice folks have said about me:

“In our time together at Ooyala, I found Sander to be incredibly capable, kind, and creative. He was a champion of the teams he led and those he collaborated with across the organization. He's a driver of success. "
Michelle Wagner, SVP, People, Evernote

"Sander is meticulous in every aspect of his craft, carrying a deep understanding of brand, and insuring the highest quality in creative strategy, development, and execution. These qualities are present throughout the Ooyala creative team, ensuring truly exemplary work at every level, on every project.”
Caitlin Spaan, Director of Creator Marketing, YouTube (Former SVP of Marketing at Ooyala)

"Sander reported to me as a creative director for several years. He's a hugely talented individual who helped create the iShares brand, now the world's largest ETF family owned by Blackrock. We collaborated on several high profile projects including identity creation, global brand standards articulation, packaging sales collateral and client events, photo shoots around the world, and advertising campaigns in partnership with top notch agencies. He has outstanding creative instincts, good people management skills, and is a good human being.
Paul Nobile, CMO at WTW (Former Head of Brand Marketing at Barclays)

"Sander is one of the most talented creatives I've worked with. His ability to own and further brand strategy is an asset to any company looking to communicate their message effectively to their customer. Any organization would benefit from his extensive experience and relentless forward thinking."
Jesse Hughes, Director of Sales and Marketing at Erickson Productions, Inc.

"The part I liked the most about working with Sander is his great people skills and his ability to be a team player. He always makes sure to greet everyone in my crew and listens to all the different concerns of all parties involved. It really promotes goodwill and motivation among everyone and makes the experience a positive one."
Jesse Goff, Owner, Jesse Goff Photography

"I have worked with many Creative Directors over the years, but being on Sander's team at Citrix was truly one of the highlights of my career. Sander is someone I respect and admire as a designer, collaborator, mentor, and leader. He brought passion, vision and innovation to Citrix; his bold ideas not only elevated our creative team to a respected internal agency, and helped to redefine the entire corporate brand, messaging and visual identity. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with Sander and would jump at the opportunity to do
so again."

Seth Held, Visual Designer, Citrix

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